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Ready Bench:   Assist in lining up swimmers and getting them to their races in order and on time. Usually works a shift that is half of the meet

Timers: Times with a stopwatch in an assigned lane for each race and works with scribe. Usually works a shift that is half of the meet.

Scribes:   Records times for each swimmer in an assigned lane and works with timers. Usually works a shift that is half of the meet.

Lead Age Group Parents:   In charge of the boys or girls from a particular age group. Check in swimmers and help gather them for events and take to Ready Bench.

Runners:   Distribute and collect timers’ sheets for computer personnel, hand out water to timers/scribes/ready bench/officials (anyone volunteering on deck at that moment).

NWAL Certified Officials (Computer Clerk, Referee, Starter, Stroke and Turn Judges):   Need to be certified. Classes are available.

Ribbons/Awards:   Create and organize all ribbons for Riptide swimmers at meets.

Set-Up and Tear-Down: Help set up for the Home Meet the Friday before. Help tear down directly following the Home Meet. Each 'job' is only worth 1/2 a volunteer credit (if you help with both, you will get 1 volunteer credit)

"Child Watch" Parent: Help watch the younger kids of the Riptides parents who are volunteered to be our NWAL Officials or other volunteer positions which has them on deck for an extended period of time and way from their tents during the Meets.

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