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Ready Bench:   Assist in lining up swimmers and getting them to their races in order and on time. Usually works a shift that is half of the meet

Timers: Times with a stopwatch in an assigned lane for each race and works with scribe. Usually works a shift that is half of the meet.

Scribes:   Records times for each swimmer in an assigned lane and works with timers. Usually works a shift that is half of the meet.

Lead Age Group Parents:   In charge of the boys or girls from a particular age group. Check in swimmers and help gather them for events and take to Ready Bench.

Runners:   Distribute and collect timers’ sheets for computer personnel, hand out water to timers/scribes/ready bench/officials (anyone volunteering on deck at that moment).

NWAL Certified Officials (Computer Clerk, Referee, Starter, Stroke and Turn Officials):   Need to be certified. Classes are available.

Ribbons/Awards:   Create and organize all ribbons for Riptide swimmers at meets.

Set-Up and Tear-Down: Help set up for the Home Meet the Friday before. Help tear down directly following the Home Meet. Each 'job' is only worth 1/2 a volunteer credit (if you help with both, you will get 1 volunteer credit)

. . . And so much more!

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